Cramping during Early Pregnancy

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Cramping during early pregnancy is quite different than cramping during late pregnancy. The time frame that can be considered early is usually cramping during pregnancy first trimester. The early stages of fetus development is extremely important and that is why parents must be extra cautious. Whenever you are cramping during early pregnancy, take note of your symptoms and contact your doctor immediately if you even have an ounce of concern. Cramping during early pregnancy doesn’t have to mean a miscarriage, it could mean your body is simply reacting and trying to adapt to accommodate your baby. So cramping during early pregnancy is normal and mothers should not place too much stress and worry on themselves.

Common Causes of Cramping during Early Pregnancy

One of the most common causes of cramping during early pregnancy is what we call uterine stretching. Uterine stretching is when your uterus expands in order to hold the fetus. In fact, your uterus expands to 1000 times its original size! This is also called round ligament pain or round ligament syndrome. All women must undergo uterine stretching and that is why almost all women are concerned about cramps during early pregnancy.

Another common case of cramping during early pregnancy is from implantation cramping. Implantation cramping is when the egg attaches to the uterus of a female and this almost always causes cramping. A note about implantation cramping is that it usually occurs after a positive pregnancy test (that’s when implantation cramping could occur). A frequently asked question is:

If I feel cramping after intercourse does it mean I’m pregnant?

Yes and no. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to tell without actually verifying it. It could be an old cramping due to gas pains or constipation. Or it could be due to your menstrual cycle. Or finally, it could be that you are pregnant.

Warnings of Cramping during Early Pregnancy

Sometimes cramping during early pregnancy can have detrimental effects. Cramping during early pregnancy should NOT be focused on a certain side of the body, this could mean Ectopic Pregnancy or eccysis. This condition of cramping during early pregnancy is dangerous for both theĀ  mother and the fetus. In this situation, theĀ  pregnancy is implanted outside of the uterus and in almost all cases, the fetus will not survive. For the mothers, internal bleeding could arise and could lead to death. Contact your healthy care provider immediately if you have this type of cramping during early pregnancy.

If any of your cramping during early pregnancy is accompanied by bleeding, spotting, fever, or diseases you MUST call your doctor immediately to ensure your safety and your baby’s well-being.

What to do when Cramping during Early Pregnancy

There aren’t always a sure way to stop cramping during early pregnancy. However, there are certain things you can do to ease the pain. The best way to relieve pain is to relax, try pursed lip breathing. Pucker your lips and slowly breathe in and out, focusing only on your breath. Relaxing can help you to keep your mind off the cramping during early pregnancy and dampen the painful sensations. Another natural method is to drink water, that should also help to ease the pain.

Of course, if that doesn’t work, you may try a Tylenol. It is not recommended for you to take medication to ease pain but if the pain is uncomfortable, many doctors will suggest taking Tylenol. Although, if the pain exceeds what a Tylenol can do, then you need to contact your doctor right away.

Feel free to discuss more about cramping during early pregnancy below.

17 Responses to Cramping during Early Pregnancy

  1. ROSIE

    .when i hav sex with my husband i feel neausating is it that am alergic to sex?

  2. Yetunde A Adams

    I am also experiecing this cramping

    • ntaleni

      I am a bit worried and its hol i can't see my dr

  3. jm

    thanks for this page it help me alot..i was so worried but now im felling better :)

  4. Margarita

    I wonder if its normal for the cramping to come and then go for a long while? I'm about 4 weeks.

  5. sandra nneoma

    i had sex 2 days before my monthly flow but after i week i started experiencing cramping could dis mean da im pregnant? Tnx sandra frm nigeria

  6. Tina

    I just went off the pill (didnt take the pil on th rght day) 3wks ago but am experiencing crampsb can i b pregnant?

  7. jess

    Im 5 weeks and im expriencing cramps as if i was to get my menstrual … Help . Im worried

  8. Chanderly

    I am experiencing this. I tested last night twice and one time this morning, and all three are positive. I hope nothing is wrong and that it is normal, but I dont remember feeling like this with my first pregnancy

  9. jennica celeste

    i been having cramps out of the blues but not extreme once just the normal cramping of when u have your period is that normal during the 1 month of pregnancy?

  10. Jamie A.

    My husband and I are trying to conceive. The other night I had an extreme amount of pain in my left side, next to my hip bone area. It hurt to breath and move. It brought tears to my eyes it hurt so bad. I was stuck in the same position for about 20 min. I eventually moved to my stomach and laid there the rest of the night. It wasn't your typical cramping nor gas pain. I have never felt something like this before. Any idea what it could be? Pregnancy?

  11. Breeanna

    I always get my period every month (normal period) I was suppose to get my period yesturday march 14. 2012 bit since the 13 and till today ive been spotting brown on and off and today the the 15th im cramping and it feels like when im getting my period. Im just sooooooooo confused someone plz help me this brown spotting has never happened to me PLEASE HELP!

  12. Grace

    I took 3 pregnancy test.and they.were all positive.Im.cramping really bad and my legs hurt as usual like when Im going to get pwriod..please help

  13. Victoria

    We lost baby b 3-29, and I have been having cramping on my right side for almost 24 hours. No bleeding or spotting but very scared of losing the other baby. I’m 13 weeks today and the doctor doesn’t seem to be worried. The pain almost stops me from standing up at certain times. What should I do?

  14. shantell

    cramp during pregnancy

  15. kevin

    my daughter is 14 weeks pregnant she has been experiencing cramps for the last three weeks and they havent gone away. it is so bad it causes her to cry. the insurance she has will not let her stay in the hospital long enough to get enough testing done to get a conclusion. what else is there that we can do for her

  16. Laura

    I am about 7 weeks pregnant and I have had period like cramping ever since my missed period. It happens even more when I am laying down at night. I also get cramping after sex. I am a little worried, but I have not had any blood or spotting at all which does give me some comfort. It is just really frustrating because I called my Dr and the RN got on the phone and said well… We can’t see if anything is wrong anyways at this stage so you are just going to have to wait. She did not say it is normal or anything or try to make me feel better. I hope I can update this forum later in my pregnancy and tell everyone I am ok so that other girls don’t worry so much as I have and not get the answers they need


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