Cramping during Late Pregnancy

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Cramping during late pregnancy is just as common as cramping during early pregnancy. In fact, cramping during late pregnancy occurs during the second and third trimester in which some of the causes from the first trimester are carried over. Many parents are inclined to think that cramping during late pregnancy must mean they are close to being in labor. That is a possibility but not always the case, parents may become too excited but in reality it could just be a preterm labor.

Common causes of Cramping during Late Pregnancy

Once again, we revisit uterine stretching during our late pregnancy stages in the second and third trimester. Many parents are already aware of this type of cramping and is also known as round ligament pain where the ligaments around your uterus has to stretch in order to accommodate your fetus or baby. By this time, moms are usually comfortable with the pain due to the same sensations. If the pain is increasingly more and more painful, you could be entering your preterm labor.

Preterm labor is when you enter labor prematurely, that is before the infant or fetus is fully developed. This labor is the most cause of death in babies worldwide. Some common symptoms of preterm labor are cramps, fever, diarrhea or back pains. It’s true that these symptoms are much like any other and unfortunately, there is no guaranteed method of determining whether you are in preterm labor or not. Call a doctor immediately if you have any of these symptoms.

On a much less grave note, you could simply be in labor. If you are in labor, congratulations! To be precise, early labor. Many women find themselves feeling cramping and back pains during this time. Remember if any time your cramping during late pregnancy is accompanied by fever, diarrhea, diseases, or bleeding you must call your healthcare providers instantly.

Another common cause of cramping during late pregnancy is known as Braxton Hicks contraction. These contractions are not usually dangerous and some many not even feel pain at all. For other mothers, these contractions can feel very painful as if the fetus is scrunching up into a ball. Sometimes, braxton hicks contractions may be mistaken for being in labor. An easy way to tell the difference is whether or not your cervix dilates. If it dilates then congratulations again, you are in labor. If not, it’s simply an irregular contraction knwon as Braxton HIcks contractions.

Address to Cramping during Late Pregnancy

In many cases, it’s hard to tell whether or not labor is happening. As you’ve seen through preterm labor and Braxton Hicks contractions, that cramping during late pregnancy may not mean labor at all. It is a good idea and an even better practice to constantly contact your doctors in any situation of doubt. Take notice of your symptoms and cramps during late pregnancy. After all, you may soon finally have your baby in hand and no more cramping during late pregnancy!


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